NASS and rain

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    My son is in Session 1 of NASS (2 weeks away) and when I looked at the forecast for Annapolis, there is an 80% chance of thunderstorms on Tuesday/Wednesday. Not sure about Thursday yet. My question is: How will that affect the program? Will he miss out on anything? I'm hoping he doesn't and he just has to suffer in the rain :)
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    Being wet is a part of Navy and Marine life, and it gives a real-life glimpse of USNA in less-than-perfect weather.

    The Navy, as well as other services, will always have what's called a "foul weather plan."

    And finally, rain at USNA is often fervently prayed for on parade and parade practice days in hopes of a cancellation!
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    The military does not stop for rain. Some activities will be moved indoors. Some will still be held outside in the rain. At the end of the day, you can't control weather and neither can USNA. But they can and do plan for it and/or adapt to it. Your DS will not miss out.
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