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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by rudyinok, Dec 21, 2012.

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    the USNA website says it opens on Jan 17 2013. I have re-read old threads on here and it appears that there is no essay in this application, is that correct? it asks for specific grades earned in classes, right?

    any other recollections about this application? ds is at a boarding school and could work on essays easier over Christmas break, if we knew what they were likely to be!

    I know this is USNA forum, but any body remember how USMA SLS or SLE application differs?
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    There were no essays on the NASS application. I would suggest putting together a resume with all of his extracurricular, awards, etc. If you have this handy when you fill out the online application, it will be very helpful.
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    Agreed, particularly if your DS makes the decision to apply to the academy. My list was not as comprehensive as I thought initially and I had to several times send additional information to admissions to update my application packet, both with what I had forgotten (as well as a few new awards and positions I received during senior year).

    Even of you don't apply to the academy it's a good thing to have on hand for any college application, as similar questions to those of the NASS/preliminary application are exist for every school your DS will apply to.

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