NASS Applications Open Feb. 1


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Jun 9, 2006
As a reminder, you can start applying to USNA Summer Seminar starting Sunday at 0800 EST. The application is on-line at:

It is only open to high school juniors. From the source (USNA Admissions): Attendance at NASS in no way guarantees an Offer of Appointment to USNA and conversely not being selected for NASS will in no way hinder a candidate's chances for admission. So, if you don't believe me, believe them.

One of the stated goals of the program is to introduce USNA to schools and areas where there has typically been little/no representation at USNA. This is the reason that some very highly qualified students may not be selected. It is NOT necessarily a reflection of the strength of your record.

There are 3 sessions: May 30 - June 4, June 6 - June 11, and June 13 - June 18.