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Feb 16, 2007
Hey everybody. I have a problem. I was accepted into the NASS Session 1 and that begins this coming Saturday. My issue is that I have not gotten anything saying what I need to bring and all that. Will this be coming? Can anyone tell me exactly what I need to bring? I have already emailed the academy and have not gotten a response. Thanks!

-Pj Edds
i can't seem to find my sheet but as i recall you need about 7 pairs of running shorts and shirts, 8-10 of underwear and socks, a pair of tennis shoes as well as an older pair for getting dirty (i think there's a mock sea trials kind of thing or something, unless i dreamt it), photo id for getting in, a swimsuit...

good luck. :)
The list came in the original paperwork for Summer Seminar (the packet with the accept/decline sheet, medical waiver, etc). In case you have misplaced it you will need to bring:

A couple sets of civilian clothes for travel and academic workshops
6-8 pairs of athletic shorts
10-12 pairs of socks and undergarments
2-3 towels
1 set of twin size bed linens
pillow and pillowcase
running shoes (bring a second pair...old ones for the team building exercises)
swim suit (females need a one piece)
travel alarm clock
combination or key lock for lockers

Hope this helps you....have fun!
I received a letter in the mail on Saturday stating that they have received everything (I am in session II) and that it and my photo I.D. are required to get on Academy grounds. However, I know someone who is going to session I who has not received the letter yet so when he called the Academy, they told him that if it doesn't come in time to just bring his acceptance letter and photo I.D. I hope this helps.
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I just recieved a letter in the mail today acknowledging(sp?) their reciept of my payment and other "stuff." I'm in session 1.

I would assume that all session 1 people are going to be recieving confirmation about NASS.

Good luck and hope to see you there!