NASS Session 1


Apr 25, 2017
Hello all! Is anyone else attending NASS Session 1? If so, we should make a group chat and move it off the site. I saw another thread for NASS Session 3 doing this to make connections. PM me if interested.
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I'm also in session 1 and I think it's a great idea! How do I go about PMing you?

Nevermind, I see now that I have to post a couple more times in order to PM!
My daughter from Belton, TX will be @ Session 1 also. After a CVW a few months ago, she's really looking forward to it!! I'm excited for all of you!
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I will be going to NASS session 1 and SLE session 2!! I'd love to be in some kind of group chat with everyone so that we could maybe meet each other there!!!
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