1. U

    Nass after Stem

    I recently attached the summer stem program as a rising sophomore and absolutely loved it! I now also want to go to nass in two years. I and am wondering if I applied and went to stem again next year, would that hurt my chances at getting into nass? I am unsure if I should apply due to the...
  2. L

    Anyone going from NASS to SLE?

    My son will be leaving NASS Session A, 6/6-9, and flying to SLE Session 2, 6/10-16. Wondering if anyone else is making that trip?
  3. U

    Got accepted to NASS!!

    Receieved my email 9:09 AM Eastern Standard Time congratulating me on acceptance! I was selected for session 1! Super excited right now, can't wait to see everyone else there!
  4. L

    Has Anyone Recieved a NASS Acceptance Letter?

    Just wondering if anyone has received any word on their status for this summer’s NASS?
  5. I

    Sit-ups for 2021 CFA

    Hi! I'm preparing for the CFA at NASS/SLE (hopefully), and I've seen a lot of different information on the sit-ups. I'm not sure if its sit ups (feet under something, elbows to mid-thigh) or simple crunches (feet not under something, just getting shoulder blades off the ground). If anyone could...
  6. C

    Request for Information - is it necessary?

    I'm currently filling out my application to NASS, and I noticed on the USNA Admissions website a link that takes you to a "Request for Information" form. It seems like an important form (it requires social security numbers, addresses, etc). I haven't heard anything about this form, and I was...
  7. L

    Just finished Virtual NASS - AMA

    If anyone had any questions about what to expect for Virtual NASS I'd be happy to answer them. I won't divulge too much as to "spoil" the program for anyone scheduled to take part later down the road. The basic schedule was as follows (EST): 0900-1000: Personal Exercise Program 1230-1600...
  8. U

    NASS Acceptance?

    Have NASS acceptance letters come out? If so, are they all out or do they come out on a rolling basis? I applied two days after applications opened and have not heard much since. Is this a bad sign?
  9. BBF2003


    This past week I was fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity to attend the Naval Academy Summer Seminar as well as the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar. My dad and I decided that I was going to attend both. I understand this it's going to be a challenging couple of weeks. That being said...
  10. T

    Emailing MOC Offices

    Hi everyone. I’m a current junior in high school and now that it’s almost 2020 I am beginning my SA application journey. I was wondering from anyone’s past experience if you would recommend for me to email my MOC’s nomination office just to introduce myself and who I am? If anyone did this...
  11. Therese_In_Denver

    NASS Question---is the MRE right before CFA routine, or a fluke?

    DS texted a photo of his MRE for the meal right before the CFA Sunday at this week's NASS session. He knew they have MRE at one meal as part of the NASS experience, but it seemed odd timing to do that right before CFA? We wondered if this was intentional "stress experience" because they had...
  12. tlfrancis289

    NASS Packing Question

    Hello, I am attending NASS Session III this summer. It is reccomended to bring one bag. Would that be a backpack or a duffle? Thanks. -Tom
  13. tlfrancis289

    NASS Question

    Hello all, I recently got the good news that I got an offer to attend NASS session three. I am beyond excited! I just wanted to ask a question on how I can prepare physically. Should I only practice the CFA or are there other workouts I should do in order to be ready for NASS? Any advice is...
  14. S

    NASS Rejections?

    Hello all, Just recently I got a rejection to USMA SLE. Hard to hear but after waiting for this long I didn’t have high hopes. I was accepted to USAFA SS which is great, but now just waiting on NASS. Has anyone gotten rejections or heard of them coming out yet? I know there were acceptances...
  15. B

    SLE session 1

    Hi my name’s Emily. Got accepted to SLE session 1 and wanna get to know some of u before we go. What’s your name and where r u from? and who’s attending SLE session 1, then NASS session 2?
  16. H

    Preliminary Application

    Around December of last year I applied for NASS, hoping that an earlier application would give me a decent shot at attending the program, and, foolishly, I had submitted my applications prior to taking my SAT or ACT. After reading more in depth about it, I understand they use scores from one or...
  17. CallSignGaspar

    Competitive or na?

    I am applying for USMA and USCGA making Coastguard my top pick. For my weighted GPA, I have 3.74 and my unweighted GPA is 4.23. My SAT is currently lacking which is 1340 and my ACT is the worst which is 26. I have been a class president, H20 community service club secretary, Robotics team...
  18. N

    NA Summer Seminar pick up most parents attend this

    we have a 5 hour drive one way to the NA so for summer seminar we are wondering if its better to attend the drop off day or the pick up day (or both?) has anyone hear attended either and recommend it?
  19. M

    Summer Seminar Status

    Hi everyone! I submitted my N.A.S.S. application in January and am eagerly waiting back for a response since a confirmation email after I submitted my application said: "you will receive official notification about your status by mail no later than May 1st. Good luck and Beat Army." I haven't...
  20. T

    I Need Help

    So I was accepted into Session 2 of the summer seminar. I think I made a mistake. I do not think I am physically prepared to go to nass. I am unable to run a mile straight without walking, let alone run a mile in under 10 minutes, I cant do 20 straight push ups, and cant complete one pull up...