Nasty DODMERB Again


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Jun 9, 2006
NROTC student did not receive a scholarship last year. Applied again while in NROTC during freshman year in college. Honor roll & earned Mid of the year award. Received a scholarship for this upcoming year. Now DODMERB is making her get a waiver on her reading glasses after she'd already passed DODMERB to get into NROTC in the first place. They are currently holding her scholarship dollars until she gets this waiver done. She is beyond worried.

Whats up with that? Anyone have or know of a similar problem?
Well, the only thing that occurs to me is that waivers are only good for one application year.

As for glasses, I wouldn't sweat it too bad, especially if it happened once before. Glasses aren't that big of a threat unless you are REALLY bad or have an astigmatism or something.

But hey! It's DODMERB! :rolleyes:
Hell, I've seen some sloppy-fat sailors in the USN... I'm sure they could find a place for someone with a few visual problems.
Breezy, they have to keep a few of them around. What else are they gonna eat if they get stranded on some far away island? Man can't live on coconuts alone. The ones that can't see just get in the way. ;)
As long as she hasnt got any type of eye surgery she should be fine