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Capt MJ

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Sep 27, 2008
So, this morning (it’s Christmas), I gave my DH and DBIL, both retired naval aviator captains from the fighter community, matching advanced skills micro drones, which fit in the palm of the hand. I bet my DSIL the two of them would be out in the cold trying to outdo each other with aerobatics, as soon as they got them charged up. Forget the hot cider and sticky pecan buns from the Amish market inside, the nice new parka or anything else, the “boys” are outside playing. Fun to watch.

There are old pilots, there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots - except those flying drones on a cold Christmas Day.

For those who celebrate this day, and to those who don’t, to all, best wishes for health and peace and contentment. And appointments!
Back when the Cap was courtin' & sparkin'! BTW: Did he ever tell you about the MIG??
Yuk yuk. “There I was, upside down...” (wave hands)
Glad to see they are both retired Naval Aviators playing with drones...

Only the USAF can convince a newly minted 2LT that “flying an RPA” is better than the real thing...:)
That would require some real strong Kool-Aid to drink!
Gave SIL and roommate two of those helicopter toys with light guns that can kill your engine with hits. They set up barricades throughout the house and fought Air to Air. Ah! Pilots, a separate breed. Worked in local bars, NCO Clubs and O clubs as bartender and the memories are a lot of fun. They may not mix them right but they used to put them down. Not so much now as it can be a career ender.
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God I remember those at the O'CLUB while I tended bar. My only job was serve and add all damage to the bill. A little change on the long table and Bar was that "buddies" would tie some bar towels together to make the wire. If his approach attempt was a little off they would raise the towels and he could not get his wave off, missed all the wires and obviously burner did not work. The good old days. I think the Green Flash happens in the Gulf along the south coast and is very rare?
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