Navy Missile Cruiser Runs Aground Near Honolulu


Apr 1, 2007
Navy Missile Cruiser Runs Aground Near Honolulu
Saturday, February 07, 2009


Feb. 6: The USS Port Royal, right, a Navy guided missile cruiser, sits grounded atop a reef about a half-mile south of the Honolulu airport.

HONOLULU — Navy officials say an attempt to pull free a 9,600-ton warship that ran aground off the coast of Honolulu has been unsuccessful.

The U.S. Pacific Fleet says Navy tugboats and salvage ship USS Salvor tried to tow the USS Port Royal early Saturday but the guided missile cruiser remained stuck.

The Navy says it plans to try again after extracting fuel and water from the $1 billion vessel.

The 9,600-ton ship, while carrying guests that included a rear admiral, ran aground Thursday night on a sandy, rocky bottom. The cause of the grounding, as well the extent of the damage to the ship, remains under investigation.
Board member: "And when did you see your career ending, Captain?"

Captain: "The second we hit the beach."
"Touching bottom...." Puts a sick felling in your stomach just thinking about it.
why would a **** that size be anywhere near that close to the shore?
lol must have been typing on a phone or ipod because on a normal keyboard t is not near p
We can also hope we all NEVER see a sh#T that size anywhere near shore, or....anywhere else for that matter.
oh yeah. that was a typo lol. omg if we did, it would be very bad for the world lol.
We can also hope we all NEVER see a sh#T that size anywhere near shore, or....anywhere else for that matter.

HAHAHA! :thumb: Just imagine the size of the human or animal or thing that would produce that. That would be scary....
x615's typo was simply predicting the future outcome....


Grounded warship discharged raw sewage off Oahu

By AUDREY McAVOY, Associated Press Writer Audrey Mcavoy, Associated Press Writer – Tue Feb 10, 11:59 pm ET AP – HONOLULU – The USS Port Royal discharged about 5,000 gallons of raw sewage when the warship was grounded a half-mile off Oahu, the state said Tuesday while warning the public to avoid the area.
HAHAHAHA! 5,000 gallons of raw sewage? Near the shore? I feel like there's a law somewhere that would prohibit this type of action. I mean, think of all of the fish you're killing and don't forget about the fire hazard.

No, but it is kinda bad. But in the economic times like this, do you wanna risk a $1 billion boat?
Also, the CO has been temporarily relieved pending the completion of an investigation (after which I predict, the relief will be written in stone.)