Navy vs Air Force


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Aug 29, 2007
We'll be leaving in a few minutes for the Air Force game. This is the first leg of the Commander in Chief's trophy competition for Navy. Navy is the current holder of the trophy. The second leg is of course Army in December.

So that's where your mids are today. They march to the stadium from the Yard.
NAPS FB will be cheering them on from a restaurant in downtown.

Dozens of NAVY fans, myself included will be at Junior Seau's Restaurant in San Diego in just a few more hours. I'm hoping the rest of the country will be able to hear our cheering.....
Well I missed the game, but just checked the final score and it appears that Navy is well on its way to another Commander-in-Chief's trophy!!

Go Navy!!!
Navy 31, Air Force 20

Good game. Air Force stayed close and sometimes led. But the mids hung in and took charge.

The next game of interest for the academies is Air Force vs. Army. If Air Force wins, then the Commander in Chief's trophy remains at Navy regardless of the outcome of the Army Navy game. But of course the mids want to win that game. If they do, Navy will graduate the second straight class that never saw a loss to Air Force or Army.
Great game. Still cannot figure how our defense gave up nearly 500 yds and still looked "adequate". We seemed to come through when it counted. AF was 0 for 8 on third down conversions but only punted twice. Go figure.

I was disappointed in AF sportsmanship. Haven't seen anything like it at any previous SA game. I think they were called for two unsportsmanship conducts and there were several more that should have been called.