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Need Advise!

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by USA321, May 18, 2008.

  1. USA321

    USA321 5-Year Member

    Dec 19, 2007
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    Hey everybody its me again. As some may know I am reapplying to USNA, already filled my preliminary application out. And I am enrolled in Army ROTC for Syracuse University next year. However, Norwich university is reserving me a spot even though I never sent in my deposit. I'm guessing there desperate for people this year or something, would that be better for me than SU. I just wasn't thrilled with Norwich I guess, but they do have NROTC and it is a military school, but who wants to do two plebe style years in a row! I know I should get my SATs up, and take Chem, calc, and English. But what are some other suggestions you guys can give me to make my application look more favorable. Like what activities I can join or do that the Naval Academy would like to see. This summer I'm getting my private pilots license and learning to scuba, so hopefully they'll like that a little bit. I'm also going to volunteer at a camp called arise on the farm, where Ill work with kids with mental disabilities, or should I get a paying job which do you think they would like better. I know Id rather volunteer at the camp for a few weeks instead of a job lol!
  2. usna2012mom

    usna2012mom 5-Year Member

    Feb 21, 2008
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    First, I would ask: Do you want to be an Army officer or a Navy Officer. Army ROTC and Navy ROTC lead you in different directions.

    Second, I think USNA ( or any other SA) wants to see an honest and sincere applicant. They do not want you to do what "looks" good. You should be doing what "is" good for you. Volunteering at camp is good, but are you doing it because it looks good or because you want to be part of something that is a service for others?

    You are right about SAT's, chem, calc, and English. You should continue to work in those areas. I'm sorry, but I do not know about either school. You do have to be happy wherever you decide to go. Will you be happy at either school should USNA not work out for you? I truely hope it does work out, if that is your goal.

    Good luck with your decision. It is tough.
  3. usna1985

    usna1985 10-Year Member

    Jun 9, 2006
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    OK, first question . . . have you made a sincere effort to determine why you didn't receive an appointment this year? You should first talk to your BGO and, come June, CGO (they are too busy now). If you don't know what your weaknesses were, it's kind of hard to improve upon them.

    I don't have personal knowledge of Norwich, but I would not assume they are "desperate" simply b/c they held a place for you. As for Norwich vs. Syracuse, USNA is looking for a candidate to attend college and take the same courses a plebe would take -- and do well in them. SU is a great school -- getting As and Bs in chem, calc, etc. there will serve you well.

    Most students participate in activities that they like rather than ones that make their application look good. That said, demonstrating leadership is important -- that can be done in school or outside of school. Sticking with activities is also important.

    Finally, I know this is an internet forum and not school, but the title of your thread should be "Need Advice" not "Need Advise." I'm not the grammar police, but as someone who makes hiring decisions, I can tell you that if your correspondence with USNA and your nomination sources, and/or your essays, contain similar errors, it won't bode well.

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