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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Chrisa, May 21, 2010.

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    I am applying to all three Academies.

    I am well in the ball park with grades, SATs, leadership and sports...

    Problem is I have an issue seeing orange/ brown mix, I will never fly, but was wondering. The AF Academy and USMC have no problem with the color perception issues. West Point's policy is as long as you can see "vivid red and green" then no problem" No problem for me at West Point.

    Guard and Merchant Marine academies ? don't even bother applying.

    My question is with the USNA. Not clear. Am I OK in that I can see "vivid red and green" ? If I am lucky enough to be accepted to the USNA, I'd choose USMC anyway - there, there is no color issues with that service. Can't get a straight answer on this

    I do know the USNA waivered about two dozen candidates who had color issues either last year or the year before.

    Can anyone clear this up for me.

    Hope and pray for class of 2015

    Thank you
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    USNA can waive up to 2% of each entering class for "color blindness." That's about 20 students. They must agree to enter the USMC vs. the USN.

    As for details re the medical condition, please check with Larry Mullen on the DODMERB board. He's the expert.
  3. Kero

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    There are some restricted line spots for those waived for color blindness also, but not many
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    Don't let them get you down! I was diagnosed with mild "color deficiency: red-green" during my application process, and it didn't stop me. There are a lot more colorblind people here than you would think -- I am starting to mistrust the 2% statistic I was often given. As far as I can tell, there are three major service selection opportunities for the colorblind (DoDMERB doesn't give degrees of colorblindness, you're either good to go or you're not): Navy restricted line (medical, dental, or supply corps), Navy Intel, or Marine ground (I'm not sure what exactly you can and can't do in terms of occupational specialty should you receive Marine ground).

    So if you are diagnosed as having a "color deficiency" as per DoDMERB's rules, you must wait for a waiver from the Naval Academy (the waiver doesn't come from DoDMERB like most other medical conditions). Again, the number I hear a lot is that they only let 10 kids a year in who are colorblind, so either I know all 40 of us or the number is actually a little higher. You are automatically submitted for a waiver (mine was taking a while so I called admissions incessantly until I got an answer), and they will let you know in time.

    This may also be different for you, since I have red-green problems and yours are orange-brown. All I know is what they told me when they ran the color tests before admission.

    Feel free to PM me if you have more questions.
    Good luck!

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