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W Webb

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Nov 2, 2007
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this site and have found it not only interesting, but also quite informative. Thanks everyone for all your tips!

I went to the Open house a couple weeks ago! It was incredible! After it was over I went on to West Point to visit my best friend who is a 4/c there. They have a pretty cool campus, but after comparing the two, I like CGA's so much better!

Good luck fellow applyees!
Welcome Webb! Pretty cool place indeed. Wishing you well on your future.
im a 4/c here so if you have any questions ask away.

where in TX are you from?
Hey, thanks for the offer. I got most of my questions answered when I came up for the Open House, but I'm sure I'll think of something else soon.
I'm from Odessa-Midland! Most people think it's strange that I want to do CG since I'm from the desert (basically)! I have always liked this stuff though!
you know, my partents spent a few years in texas(many years ago), cept they were near the north west border of it..... My sister was actually born there!, but i'm in delaware... and it sure would be nice for me to get out of here!:biggrin:
CGA has a very nice New England feel to it (campus wise). It looks much better coming back after you no longer go there, let me just say that.

After you're there for three years, you don't get that sick feeling in your stomach when you came back from leave. At some point you kind of look forward to seeing some of your shipmates.