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    May 2, 2011
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    Hello everyone. My name is Vinoshka. I am a collage student at HCC (hillsborough communtiy collage) at FL. I was hoping to get involved with either the Airforce or the Marines. One of my main priorities is to go to school. I would like to become a neurologist. Its been a little tough on me because economically speeking Im not doing so well. Im 19yrs old and am really looking forward to learning a little bit about this acadamy. Some told me about it at my job. So i decided to look into it. :biggrin: Well I hope to meet some of you and get some accistance towards the right direction.
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    Welcome. Take a look around the site and also try looking at some of the stickies on various forums. They have a wealth of great information to get you started.

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