newbie here: how cumbersom is it in NJ and how long does it take to take care of it

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by educateme, Nov 20, 2010.

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    My son just got awarded 4 year Army ROTC scholarship. Now the fun begins with DoDMerb and what not.

    In general, how long does it take to take care of all this. I already learned that there is no chance that we will take care of this by the end of the year, which would have been so nice (a nice closure for all this, getting the scholarship, getting the ED acceptance, and being done with DoDMerb, etc).

    I understand that he has to visit doctors designated by the DoDMerb (I don't even know the proper terminology yet). We are in central NJ. Are these doctors easily accessible in our area or does he need to travel quite a bit?

    Thanks in advance for helping this complete ignoramus (me).
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    Dodmerb is the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board which I'm sure you already knew.

    Concorde handles the medical exams for Dodmerb. You will receive a package in the mail from them with instructions on what to do as well as your assigned doctors. They are the only ones who can authorize a different facility if there is one in your area.
    Until you receive your packet, unfortunately you're not able to start the process of making the appointments.

    If I remember correctly, we were given 30 days to make the appointments from the date we received the letter. You can either mail back the form with the dates that you have your appointments or notify them on-line.

    The eye doctor will be one appointment where they will do an extensive vision test. I sat in with my son and watched them do this.

    The other tests, hearing, reading and physical were all handled at the same facility for my son.

    The package will have the doctors, all the instructions and forms to be filled out. You'll bring the forms to the physical portion. There is no payment out of your pocket, they handle all of this.

    As my son had qualified months prior to receiving a scholarship due to a SA, I can't tell you the timing on receiving the package after being awarded a scholarship but I'm sure someone will have the answer.

    If I have anything of this incorrect, I'm sure Larry Mullen will correct it. He's a great resource and seems to work 24/7. Larry's the greatest!
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    educateme - As I said on the other site you posted on; cut and paste your posting; provide complete name and alst 4 SSN; and send me the email. I can assist U better from there:thumb:

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