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Oct 31, 2007
My daughter's first choice was Navy, but she has received a LOA from WP and visited the school. We have not been in contact with NA (she did attend the summer seminar)but she has a DQ because her myopia is over the limit. She has been to two senator nomination meetings and soon she will see the cogressman's committee. She does not know if she should ask for a nomination for Navy and WP or just WP. We will not know about the senator's nomination until after the meeting. In the next few weeks, how will she know if Navy is interested in her and will they waive the myopia DQ? At a meeting it was mentioned that the congressman will give out two nominations if both academies are interested in the candiate, otherwise they will give out only one.
Concerning the myopia, I recommend you post your question in the DODMERB forum. Our resident DODMERB expert will be able to answer those questions.

As for asking the MOC for the nominations, it certainly can't hurt.

If you have not heard from USNA, contact your BGO and/or the CGO (Candidate Guidance Office). Don't wait for them; be proactive.
Agree with Zap. If USNA is her first choice, she should pursue it. Should she only be able to pursue a single nomination from her MOC and she choose that it be USNA, there are ways after the fact that USMA can obtain nominations.

She may not find out officially if USNA is "interested" until next April when they offer the appointment. She may not hear that she is scholastically qualified until the end of January timeframe. So, prepare her for the long agonizing wait. Even though WP has been rather free with their LOAs lately, WP acceptances kind of go hand in hand with USNA, so, more than likely, they will be "interested" in her.

Good luck.
A lot depends on your geographic region and whether or not your daughter has to select only one SA for each MOC. Usually, MOCs require you to do this prior to or during the interview; it sounds like that is not the case with your daughter, so I'm a bit confused.

In less populous regions, it may be possible to express interest in more than one SA and even receive a nom to more than one from the same MOC. If that's her situation, she should list both and state that her preference is USNA (assuming it is) and/or that sh's undecided and would be equally happy at either USNA or USMA (if that's true).

If she is in a populous/competitive geographic region, her MOCs may "force" her to select only one SA. If that's her situation, I agree with USNA69 -- she should go with her first choice for all 3.

I never recommend "splitting" first choices among SAs (i.e., telling one MOC that your first choice is USNA and another that it is USMA -- even if you truly haven't decided between the two). With Murphy's Law, what invariably will happen is that you get the one (interview or nom) you didn't really want and don't get the one you wanted -- seen it happen a year ago. You have to choose between the schools sometime, might as well be now.