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    Hello, my name is Nicholas (U can call me Nick, Nicholas, or [preferably] Axxif). I am currently an upcoming Junior of High School, and I am trying to plan out my future career. I know for a fact that I want to to join the Armed Services (either the Army or Air Force), and commission as an Officer through a Service Academy/ROTC. My current information is as follows:

    - 4.0 GPA/4.069 QPA at the end of my Sophmore year
    - Have yet to take ACT or SAT, and do not know what my ASVAB score is (My school gave all it's students parts 1-13 for a career test, but as usual they have yet to show us, and probably won't)
    - Tied for second or third place of my class Sophmore year, and was tied for first place of my class Freshman year
    - Have completed Honors Chem and English, am taking AP English, AP US History, AP Chemistry, Honors Physics, and Trig/Precalc next year, and am planning on taking AP Literature, AP Physics, French 4 (Weighted), and AP Calculus my Senior Year, as well as other non-weighted classes. Am hoping to also enter into NHS this school year, as well as maybe take up student government
    - Have been actively enrolled in JROTC the past two years, had served as our unit's Training/Operations NCO (CSSG) during my Sophmore year, and earning Superior Cadet of my grade for both years. I will be serving as my unit's Marksmanship Captain this year, and am hoping to make Unit Commander my Senior year (we all can dream, can't we?)
    - Active member of my school's Tennis and Quiz Bowl teams, and was a member of our school's Mock Trial team the last two years, as well as other various events, competitions, etc... hosted by our county's Gift Coalition
    - Outside of school, I'm a Junior Volunteer Firefighter, and am involved with a local church organization

    With that being said, I have a handful of different ideas that I am interested in doing. For starters, before attending college, I am considering enlisting under 12M/Air Force 3E7X1 (firefighting) to both get a couple years of prior service under my belt, and for the training and little bit of experience that it offers. Next, I would like to either go to a Service Academy or to a college with ROTC and study Civil Engineering and/or Architecture (preferably for the Army), eventually commissioning. I am in the greater Pittsburgh Area, and the closest AROTC is located on Pitt University (about a half hour or so drive away, on a good day), with cross-town agreements with a couple other schools, most notabliy to me Carnegie Mellon. Now, I am wondering if any of you guys could give me advice on my situation. Should I try to enlist and then after a couple of years go to college, or should I go straight from the getgo? If I enlist, should I do Active, Resrve, or Nat Guard? Should I try to get into a Service Academy, or do you think that it might be better to try ROTC at somewhere (not necessarily Pitt, but definitely a possibility) that has a good Civil Engineering/Architecture program? If I should try an ROTC, where should I consider? Many thanks for any advice yinz offer! Also, if you have any questions about any of the above, please don't hesitate to ask!
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    Do not enlist. Go straight to college. You probably have a better opportunity of a scholarship that way. Pick a school you like and that has a major you are interested in. Commuting and cross town schools can be difficult when you need to be at PT at 0'Dark:thirty. Also pick a school you can afford should something go wrong and you lose a scholarship. If a scholarship doesn't come through (you seem like you're on the right track for one), and finances is an issue, then you can consider enlisting and tackling college later.

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