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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by cadetemily, Sep 2, 2016.

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    I am currently in my 3rd year of the rotc program and am in no violation of my contract. My GPA is well above the requirements and I am in the physical fitness standard, I attended CIET and have not missed a battalion weekend LDX during my time in the program.
    However, I am quickly realizing that I'm not cut out for the military. My cadre today stated that my heart's not in it and it's a possibility that they will remove me from the program.
    What happens if my cadre recommend that I don't commission? I havent violated my contract but don't believe I have what it takes to be in the military.
    If they remove me on the basis of their recommendation what happens to my obligation? (In terms of paying back my scholarship)
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    @cadetemily Congratulations on doing so well. Perhaps this question is best posed to the cadre, although I understand why you might take a stab at an answer here, first. I haven't seen the actual contract, but I would guess, as long as it isn't terminated for non-performance, that there is some sort of option otherwise, just like there would be in any other business contract. This is a different situation, I know, but I know a woman that received a discharge from ROTC due to a knee injury. She was not under any financial obligation at that point.
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    You should study the scholarship contract you signed. I think what you are describing is a gray area but the Army holds the cards as to how it will interpret the contract. For example, the Army could determine that you are to be removed because you are demonstrating a lack of motivation to fulfill the terms of the contract. In that case you could be obligated to repay the scholarship you have received to date. This is very different from the example cited by TJB1975. If you haven't started the third year you must deal with this quickly before you rack up an additional financial obligation.
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    What was your response to your cadre when they mentioned disenrollment? Is it possible that they were using that as motivation to inspire you to change your attitude, or to reconsider the military?

    I think you have to take a long hard look at what you want to do...and unless there's a medical dq (illness or injury) I think you'll need to pay back what the Army has paid, stipend, book money tuition, fees, that was my DS' roommate's experience, he had to pay.
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    Get hold of the Cadet Command Regulations, AR145-1, and Cadet Command Pamphlets. Reread the contract. I found CC Pam 145-4, which may not be current, that indicates you can be disenrolled for 1) Lacks the aptitude for military service 2) Possesses undesirable character traits 3) Is indifferent to or has a lack of interest in military training ... Though these would likely be preceded by counseling and an LOA. As indicated by previous posters you would likely be required to pay back benefits (tuition, stipend, books, fees) if disenrolled for causes other than medical.

    Don't do your future subordinates a disservice and continue in ROTC if you are not prepared to lead and serve. Consider talking to a counselor in your university services department to consider your options, discuss your feelings, and concerns.

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