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    Just curious if this has happened to anyone else.

    After receiving his LOE DS sent his RC an email stating that his packet was complete and asked how he should go about scheduling an interview. The answer was that his interview from SLE was good, so that another one is not required. Is that common to only interview at SLE and not again with a rep from USMA?

    Also, he reached out early in the process to his state coordinator, but never heard anything. I read on here of advice coming from RC's and all sorts of communication going on. The process has been rather straightforward, and DS hasn't had any questions, it just seems like we have had no real contact with USMA. Maybe that is a good sign in that he isn't borderline, things were turned in in a timely fashion and there have been no problems. :thumb: Just wondering if this is common or the exception.

    DS plans on saying hello to whomever is manning the USMA table at the college night at his school later this month. (Last year it was his state coordinator) He is also considering an overnight visit this winter, but he doesn't really see it as necessary, as he knows his goal (USMA or bust) and doesn't need a visit to help make his mind up. Unless going is another chance to make an impression.

    Sorry for the long winded question. Just wondering if it is fairly normal for the SLE interview to count for the application.
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    My DS attended SLE '13 and got an LOE shortly after. He never got a firm answer that the interview at SLE was used, only that a formal interview was not required (unlike the USNA application). My DS did reach out to his FFR several times and could never get ahold of him; then found out he was out of the country for awhile.

    Since you actually got a response that your DS's SLE interview was good, I wouldn't worry about it anymore. If the rest of his application is done, he can focus on the nomination process and possibly taking the ACT/SAT again. If making another visit will help with his decision, and is not a financial hardship, by all means go, but I doubt it will make any kind of impression on Admissions since it will be strictly for him. (Unless of course he's a recruited athlete and can visit with the sports team/coach. Mine wasn't a recruited athlete.)

    Mine is enjoying his time at West Point now -- yes, even as a Plebe. Good luck!
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    An interview is not required. Nice to have eyes on a candidate but since not every candidate can be interviewed, it is not a requirement as part of completing your file.

    If your RC said his SLE interview was good, and then don't worry about it.

    Right now, FFRs in our District are being asked to interview the Competitive candidates. But, that is the request of our District Co-ordiantor, so don't read much into that if you aren't interviewed. We have enough FFRs in our District to interview every Competitive candidate. Not every District does.

    Agree with ca2midwestmom - if it is financially possible, by all means, go on the overnight. It's an offer that most candidate's don't get. Even if he is sold on West Point, it is a totally different experience and atmosphere than SLE. The visit is for his benefit and nothing to do with his admission's file.
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    usma portal

    Can an applicant ask to have an interview with someone?

    The USMA portal is very condensed. As far as explaining a students leadership and extra curriculors, there is limited space to explain what an applicant's role was. There are a bunch of check boxes for various things that a lot of high schools don't even have.

    For example, if an applicant held a leadership position at their school for a role that was specific to that school or a club or function at that school there is barely any room to explain that role.

    DD had several leadership roles at her school that would not seem like a big deal as they are not class president, etc. But, in reality, the roles are more important at the school and more involved.

    How does an applicant get a chance to explain this?
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    If your son can visit West Point in the winter, you should encourage him to do so. The cold, gray weather should be experienced if possible. My grad stayed with a very nice plebe who talked seriously with him about WP and answered the questions that he had. Sitting in on classes and experiencing some of a plebe's day was very helpful.
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    Your DS applicant portal should have a FFR contact information. I know somewhere in the admissions website there is a search function for FFR near you, if there is one. Contact FFR. Or pm me with your Congressional district and zip code, I will look up the FFR directory if there are FFR near you.
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    There are multiple ways to get that information in:

    If those aspects are that important at the school, there is free text on the SOE and the counselor's form that they can mention them.

    The candidate can upload/send in a resume. Try not to get too verbose as there is a right way and a wrong way to detail accomplishments. One to two pages should be more than sufficient.
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    Our DS did not attend SLE and the FFR did not interview him. We had virtually no contact with the FFR. If our DS had questions he would email the RC, she was very good at responding quickly. We do not live within driving distance of WP, but made a point of attending all of the Admission Briefings in our area. I believe we were able to make seven of the briefings. This gave our DS a chance to get in front of the RC, have a conversation and she would let him know areas that he could improve his application. Our DS is a plebe this year and if given the choice I don't think there is a place he would rather be, but its only been 100 days.

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