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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by usna60, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Ds submitted paperwork from both senators in our state. One responded that paper worked was received and eventually denied nomination due to alreday having a nom from congressman. Second senator has not responded at all with a reciept of app or a denial (or approval). Ds called office about two weeks after sending pw to confirm app and they said they did not have it yet but could be stuck in the mailroom being screened. Ds decided to overnight pw again ups. No response. Ds has called senators office every day this week to try to get some info and has gotten an automated message saying they are extremely busy and to call back later. Any thoughts from anyone?
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    If the paperwork was mailed to the DC offices of the Senator, the delay from screening can be extreme -- they often tell people to scan and email items that are time sensitive because of the great delay. Would it be possible for your son to scan his materials and send them via email, with a polite note to the effect that he is sending via this route as a backup just in case the original two efforts were lost or extremely delayed in the screening process?

    This assumes DS has a working email, and that their instructions did not prohibit email. If email is a no-go, keep trying to call, be as patient as you can, be very polite when you reach them, and good luck!
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    I don't see anything to do other than to continue calling if you want to just close the loop on this. I don't see any point in resending anything as nominations have been submitted by this point in time. Either DS got a nom from the senator or he didn't. I expect he didn't as normally their office will let you know when they gave you a nomination. I imagine the reason for no nom (which I only suspect) is the same the other senator gave.... DS already had a nomination.

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