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Oct 16, 2008
I just recieved word that I am the #1 pick on my MOC's nomination slate. Does this mean I have an impending appointment, or is it still up for debate? (I guess what I am trying to ask is do all eligable MOCs with open slots have their slots filled at the Academy?)
If you are your MOCs Principal nominee, and you are QQQ, then you will get an appointment. Yes, all MOCs that have an open spot available will have at least one candidate accepted unless no candidates on their slate were QQQ. In anticipation of the next question - if the MOC has no available slots they cannot submit a slate for consideration. The fact that your MOC has submitted a slate tells us that there is at least one open spot for that MOC district.
Your ALO would know if they asked the representative's office. Some reps just submit a sheet of UP TO 10 names. They allow the academy to choose the person. (They HAVE TO choose 1 on the list if the representative has an open slot). Some reps actually list the names in ORDER. Principle being first and so one. The Academy must give the principle the slot; if as mentioned already; they are qualified. So, to answer your question, your representative's office knows the answer. Your ALO might be able to find out. You could contact your reps point of contact who contacted you initially to set up the interview. They might be willing to tell you where you stand. later... mike....