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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by mdn18, Oct 20, 2014.

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    I was just notified by one of my Senators that my interview will be in about 5 weeks. When I submitted my nom package online, it asked what SA I would like to be nominated to. I put USNA but now I am looking into USMMA as well. TBH, I can't remember if it gave the option for selecting 2 SA's. Point is, if I want to add USMMA to my nom list, should I tell me liaison now or tell the interviewers? If I can't get into USNA, USMMA is the next best thing (for me).
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    I would call your Senator's Service Academy Point of Contact and let them know. That way, if shuffling for interviews needs to be done it can be planned for ahead of time. Most let you rank order your choices. Some will give Noms to more than one SA, others will spread the wealth and only nominate to one, but they have you rank them in case they can't give you your first choice nomination. The POC's are there to help you with your file so don't be worried about contacting them.
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    Also keep in mind that Nominations work a slightly different that the other SA when it comes to USMMA. This is right from the USMMA web site and I've bolded the section that should interest you. Now I'm not saying you should this but I would leave what you have for the Senators and apply to all the Reps in your state for a USMMA except the for the one you live in leave that one USNA.


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