Nomination Dilemma - Advice Needed


Jul 18, 2017
Okay, here’s the deal. DS has a LOA to USMMA, his top choice. The only thing left is the nomination. Turned down by Senators already so now waiting on MOC. DS calls MOC’s office today, and they tell him that he’ll get a letter finding out about district nominations in about two weeks. That’s AFTER the January 31 deadline. Can MOC’s go back and add people to their slate after this date? Does DS need to start banging on the doors of other MOCs? Please advise. This is getting ridiculous, and I’m about to pull my hair out in frustration.
Hi G-Man’s mom
In my opinion if this is your DS #1 choice and he has an LOA I would have him call all MOC in his neighboring towns and explain his situation. That is what is unique about KP! I wish him and you the best of luck. I enjoy reading your updates and hope DS gets his deserved nom!!
Keep us posted.... now DS needs to make the most important calls of his life!
Super frustrating! First make sure that your MOC knows about the LOA. My understanding is that nominations cannot be added after the deadline. I would have DS re-contact your senators and let them know he has an LOA just in case they did not fill their slate. I would also have your DS contact his academy admissions representative. We have found an email sent to admissions in the evening is the easiest way to get answers, usually by the following morning. His options will vary depending on what state you live in and how competitive it is. The academy representative may be able to point you to other MOC's in your state who still have available nominations. I would try to do all of the above this week. And yes, it's crucial enough that it is worth missing a day of school if necessary to get this squared away. The LOA means that the academy really wants your DS, so I am sure they will help him as much as they can. Good luck!
Nominations can be made after January 31. However it is not common and the Moc must want to do so. Do not count on getting a late nomination and make contact with in the next few days to everyone you can and as indicated above let them know you have a Loa
@golfindad and @cruzinKP2022 are both right. Yes - KP is unique in that it allows you to get a NOM from any MOC in your State - not just your District Rep. Depending on where you live - there are a number of MOC in parts of the country who do not fill their slate to KP. Late Nominations are rare - but not unheard of. Our district has had a couple over the last few years - do don't give up until you try everyone - and they are all a no. Until then - keep calling!
Thanks, friends! DS is sending emails and will start calling after school. USMMA is the school for him, and he will not give up!!
Great news! MOC called tonight to congratulate DS on his nomination AND appointment. We are so relieved! Don't know if it was calls from us, calls from other MOC offices that we were requesting nominations through, or the USMMA Admission Counselor intervening, but something lit a fire under his rear end. Even the portal is updated. Can't wait to add DS to the appointment thread!