Nomination Dilemma


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Jul 12, 2008
So i received an LOA from West Point in early September, and an LOA to USNA in late December. When I applied to my two Senators, Congressman, and the VP, I indicated the USNA as my #1 choice, and West Point as my #2. I even interviewed for the USNA nomination with my Congressman's office; and explicitly told them that I would gladly give up a chance at West Point to go to USNA.

In early December, I was rejected by Senator #1, and today, I received a nomination to WEST POINT from my Congressman, even though he had two vacancies at USNA (he could nominate up to 20 people). I live in a very competitive area--95 people applied for nominations in my district. I still have yet to hear from Senator #2.

USNA is my top choice by there a chance I will get that appointment? What should I do at this point? SHould I call Senator #2's office tomorrow? Thanks.
Call the Senator and ask politely when they plan to release their nomination results. For all you know you might have a nom to USNA...some MOCs do work their lists together so as to spread the wealth, this could explain the cong giving you the WP nom and not the USNA. I know its hard to wait, but just think about how good it will feel when it comes.

On the flip side, if it doesn't come, I hope you applied for a VP b/c with an LOA I am sure that USNA is going to try their hardest to get you in
Yes, Pima gives good advice. :smile: When you call the Senator's office you will probably speak to his/her academy liasion person. They are there to help the Senator's constituents and you are one of their favorite constituents! :wink:

It is still early in the appointment of luck to you!