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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by navy2016, Apr 26, 2011.

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    I have started an app on Sen Demint's website for a nomination. On the app it requests fro an essay 1000-2000 asking why I am seeking a nomination. On another page, it asks for me to list up to 3 academies in the order of preference.How should this be addressed in the essay?

    I listed
    1. USNA
    2. USMMA
    3. USAFA

    I see that the point of hopefully attending either USNA or USMMA is to become a naval officer but showing interest in USAFA seems conflicting.

    For those candidates and appointees to multiple academies, how did you guys handle this scenario?
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    They are asking about why you are seeking a nomination not exactly what your goals are. So you could just talk about wanting to serve in the military or something to that effect. Or just go with your desires relating to the Navy. I wrote specifically about going to the Naval Academy and going into the Navy on my representative's application, and still got a nom to USAFA.
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    navy2016, if your goal is truly either USNA or USMMA, and you wouldn't attend the USAFA if appointed, then I wouldn't even list it as an option since you said the form asks for "up to 3 academies", not at least 3 academies. Then your essay could just discuss your desire to serve the country in one of those branches of the service where you would be "afloat". If you list USAFA, you may end up with a nom to it and not want to use it. There have been posters on these forums that mention having gotten a nom for their 2nd or 3rd choice, and they are wondering how to go about switching the nom to their original #1 choice (not easy or always possible). My son knew he only wanted the Air Force, so that was the only choice he listed on his MOC apps. He knew if he didn't get a nom, or didn't get appointed, he would do AFROTC and take that route to his goal. During MOC interviews, he was able to verbalize his desire/goals for the air force without a problem since he got noms and an appointment.

    But if you actually are considering USAFA and are just unsure, then definitely list it. Your essay could be more generic, just talking about your desire to serve your country in whatever branch of service becomes available to you. At some point you will have to decide, but it doesn't have to be in your junior year of HS.
  4. USAFA_Falcon_15

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    My academies were ranked, USAFA, USNA, USMMA. I knew that there was something for me at every academy. At USAFA, I could fly and major in aero, USNA, I could fly and major in nuclear, USMMA allowed many possibilities after graduation and would give me a taste of everything. Now, obviously I said all k this differently I'm my essay, but I knew that no matter where I was it was a good fit. Focus on the things that you can see yourself doing, then decide which academy is right for you, also focus on the negatives and decide if you can do that, because it could happen.
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    I concur with the advice USAF52 gave.

    Every yr, and I mean every yr., there is at least one poster that placed multiple SA's and ended with the nom to the SA they didn't want.

    Fortunately for you SC is not what most would classify as a competitive state. However, you still run that risk of applying to your 3 MOCs and in the end all of them give you USAFA. An academy you just threw in for filling a blank.

    If I am correct SC MOC's don't talk. "Talk" = to the issue of spreading the wealth re;noms. In other words they will do everything in their power to give at least one nom to each applicant, that means if you place all 3, and the AFA is the one they have worked out for you, you get a nom from one MOC and it is to the AFA. No nom = no appt. It is crucial you understand that for some this is how it will work. Even an LOA to an SA cannot get apptd with out a nom.

    As for the essay, I think it really does not matter about which SA. The fact is they are looking at the big picture, which is not attending the SA, but becoming a leader in the military and serving our country.

    falcon is also correct it is really important to play the WHAT IF game in a negative light because it is possible. To say I want to fly X type of airframe is great, but the reality is that you might not get it, thus what will you do at that point?

    This will be at least 9 yrs of your life (4 SA, and 5 AD). You will live it longer 365 days a yr as an AD than as a cadet.

    Just as you need plan B for the what if re:SA's, you need plan B for the what if re:careers.

    Thoroughly investigate each branch.

    OBTW DS requested only one SA from each of his MOCs. He got all 3 noms to that one branch. I state this because had he placed 3 different SA's he could have had 1 to each, and he had no desire to attend USNA or USMA or USMMA. For him it was AFA or nothing. By placing only 1, he had 3 slates to compete on at the AFA. The other scenario would have given him 1 slate at the AFA, and 1 at two other SAs.

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