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Aug 4, 2008
i just got done with one of my interviews for a nom about 2 hours ago. it wasn't as bad as everyone puts it out to be, or how some people make it. there was only 5 other people interviewing me; one was a school counselor, another was an attourney, another was in AF, one was a National Guardsman, another was a Vietnam vet. they were all very nice and i managed to make them laugh a couple of times. they ask you questions like:

who's is your favorite general and why?
what qualities does a leader need to motivate his/her troops in combat?
what other programs have you applied to if academies don't work out?
why do you want to go to a service academy?
what's one thing that we could remember you by after today?

it was very relaxed and the first thing they said to me was to sit down and try to relax :shake:. be as concise as you can with your answers, look them straight in the eye, thank them for their time, try not to fidget, and BE YOURSELF. don't be a robot. i brought updated copies of my resume, but each one of them had their own little portfolio of everyone. it only lasted about 20 minutes and was kinda fun to meet different people with different backgrounds. have fun with the interview, hope this helps someone out there...
Great post, bigcox. I think your recap is helpful. Congrats on your successful interview!
You must have been at Fortenberry's interviews. I was there after 1 p.m. I too felt pretty good about my interview. Got completely different questions than you had.
sweet. :biggrin: yeah it wasn't as bad as i thought it was.
You know what helped me the most to relax was the Office Assistant, Jeanne I think was her name, sat down with me in the waiting room and we chatted about school, football, band, you name it, for several minutes prior to my interview.

For anybody else out there who is facing their first MOC interview, please read the referenced threads that you find on this forum. I did and in practicing before I went, boy I found out that I wasn't as prepared as I had thought I was.

With this one done, another next week, I should be in great shape by the time my 3rd interview comes around.

Good luck to you, BigCox. Maybe we'll meet each other on the hill.
Last year to help my son prepare, we put together a panel: the scoutmaster, a dad whose son was at AFA, and another businessman. They grilled my son and another candidate for two hours. They dressed as they would for the "real deal." Did it help? Not sure...but they're both at USMA now, so it sure didn't hurt! For those still waiting for the interviews: consider having your parents get some of their business colleagues together to give you some practice interviewing.
thanks jmac. yeah the one office assistant did help quite a bit. at least to get rid of the nerves and jitters. good luck to you too.
Anyone on this board attend SSC interviews for Congressman Kirk in Illinois? Wondering how they went in year's past. This year the committee chair is Capt James Lovell. An honor and opportunity to be in the same room with this man, but a bit intimidating!
Yeah, I didn't do great at that interview. It was really nice that the lady was out in the room to talk to me and the others, though. Eased the tension a ton.