Nomination Interview as AFROTC Cadet?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by y3peter, Nov 12, 2018.

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    Nov 12, 2018
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    Hi all,

    I interviewed with my Congressman and Senator boards last year, and was lucky enough to be nominated by both (NJ-7). However, I was not picked up by USAFA and so I am reinterviewing in about a month for this year's application cycle. I was going to wear a suit and tie/ the same thing I wore last year, but in the wording of my email from the Senator's office, I was told to "dress professionally, or in your service dress uniform if applicable".

    Now, I understand that there's been a quite large amount of discussion regarding CAP and JROTC uniforms at nomination interviews, but as a contracted AS100 who's in AAS, AFROTC is a very large identity of who I am, and will definitely be something that will come up very frequently in my interview as it has taken the most time (second to academics!) out of my schedule at college. I've learned a lot about leadership, failure, and everything in between, so is it out of bounds for me to consider wearing it to this interview? Please let me know your thoughts!

    As an aside, I am of the type who thinks that wearing CAP and JROTC uniforms to these are generally not the best idea, but given AFROTC is quite a bit more serious and that I am contracted, along with the wording of the email, it may have sparked this awkward train of thought.
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    The guidance here seems very clear. Wear your uninform. As they say, if you want the job (or nomination), dress the part.