Nomination interview heard nothing


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Nov 15, 2008
Hello my congressman is Brian Bilbray and I have not yet heard if any info about an interview. I submitted my application before the deadline which was October 31st. I don't know if I didn't qualify for an interview which I find hard to believe because while I may not be the best, I have a 4.17 gpa, I'm a varsity athlete, tons of community service, national honor society, lots of leadership from the boy scouts, and I went to NASS. Does anyone know if Bilbray has just not conducted his interviews yet or are there simply people more competitive than me?
My Advice

My Advice is to call his office. You will definately find out the and the MOC's like people who are proactive :thumb:

Agree with calling the MOCs office. Be respectful and polite -- the deadline was only 3 weeks ago and they may not have had time to sort through all of the applications, decide on whom to interview, and then make the notifications -- especially if you're in a populous district. Some MOCs don't do interviews until after T-giving. Others have already done them. A few don't do them at all and just rely on the paperwork.

TYPICALLY, MOCs will notify candidates whom they don't select for interviews. But, hard to know when that will occur. Some, quite honestly, don't even do candidates the courtesy of providing a notification.:thumbdown:
thank you very much, I was afraid to cal the office because i didnt not want to be pushy, i will contact them on monday