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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by 15USAFAap, Dec 20, 2010.

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    Dec 20, 2010
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    :redface: So, I need a definite answer on my status to USAFA. I received a letter from my congresswoman stating that my name has been nominated. I also received a LOA, both about the same time in early December. Does this mean that yes, as long as I don't mess up, that I will go to the academy (guaranteed). Or, no, I have to wait for an appointment to be 100% sure. I am going crazy on what to think or do, as I am unfamiliar with this process. When should I expect to receive any more information from the Academy? Should I feel relieved and just wait for March to come? I heard that a nomination and LOA are as good as gold. Still, some said that nothing is definite until I get an actual appointment. Thank you.

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    Dec 15, 2010
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    I ask this because my status says they have not received one of my LORs. I emailed admissions about 2 and a half weeks after the letter was sent, and they said they had not received it. I had the person resend the LOR, and its been about two more weeks and my status still says they have not received it.
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    15USAFAap, you're looking good. A friend's son in the same situation got his appt. paperwork (BFE--big fat envelope) a few weeks after getting his nomination (had his LOA first). It will come.

    PETER.PHIL, are you talking about a letter of recommendation? You should CALL your admissions counselor to verify it arrived. There is so much paperwork coming in to the AFA right now that it can take time to show up on your status page.
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    My ALO told me that between now and I think March or April the Air Force Academy's review board will contact you and set up one more interview before you get an appointment to the Academy.

    But I just go my nomination a couple days ago too and I am so excited to know that I am so close to getting an appointment!
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    Here are two key facts:

    - If you received an LOA it means that your applications is complete.
    - If you received a nomination from your member of congress it means you are "virtually assured" of an appointment.

    I have never heard or read about the review board needing another interview after these two events have occurred. Based on our experience with our son last year (who received a LOA for the class of 2014) you should watch your application for a status change to "appointment offered", which could come at any time. Your BFE will likely show up in your mailbox soon thereafter.

    Our son saw his status change on his application to "appointment offered" last year over his high school winter break. He received his BFE only a week or two after his online status change.

    You still need to receive the official appointment from USAFA, but based on your situation things are looking good for you indeed. Your appointment status will likely be resolved very soon. Congratulations!
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    Thank you. Your post was very helpful.

    I am in a similar situation.

    On the 18 of December I received two letters in the mail from the AFA. The first post marked the 14th was a LOA. The second post marked the 15th was the official receipt of a nomination. On the website it shows both the LOA and nom. I have passed the physical and fitness examinations so I am eagerly awaiting what I believe is a 'virtually assured' appointment.

    I did not know that this would show up on the website or could be received before March.
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    I know this OP has an LOA, but because there is confusion on the nom threads, I want to make sure ever candidate understands, that there is a difference between 3Q and LOA.

    Just because you complete your package you should not take the leap that you will get an LOA.

    The AFA is not like USNA or USMA. The AFA requires that completion to be eligible for an LOA. They are the stingiest when it comes to giving LOA's. I think the number is only about 150 candidates. You see alot of candidates here with LOAs, but that is because many have striven for this point for yrs. Honestly, 150 out of 3000 candidates with noms is a very small percentage.

    I only bring this up because if you are a new poster, it could be read as once your packet is complete the next step is you will get an LOA.

    I know that was not the intention when it was written, but people have a habit of reading what they want to see, and not what was actually being stated.


    Now is the time to wrap yourself in bubble wrap. :shake:

    Nothing is guaranteed until you show up for I day and are cleared to get on that bus!

    Break a leg at Prom in May doing a silly dance, and all bets could be off!

    The BFE will be there way before March, just don't risk it doing something foolish. Keep in shape, and enjoy your sr yr., but before your friends tell you to C'Mon let's snow board off the ski patrol shack or take that black diamond slope, ask yourself is it worth the risk when you really should only be on the intermediate slope?

    True Story:
    Cadet arrives at AFA, and as they get off the bus, they trip and fall, causing them to be medically turned back. They spent a yr rehabilitating their leg, and got there to be turned back again for medical reasons.

    IT IS RARE, but it does happen and you want to make sure you are not one of them.


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