Nomination status recieved. But the question still remains...


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Nov 18, 2007
I recieved notification of my nomination by Representative Darrel Issa to both academies (Naval and Air Force), wooo!!!

Now that I am in more favorable circumstances :) I am still wondering...I want to be the best pilot I can...Navy or Air Force?

Thank you very much.
There is no "right" answer to this. If you go USN, you are generally likely to end up aboard a carrier. USAF pilots are all land-based. If you want to be a bomber pilot (B-1, B-2), you obviously must go USAF. USN has fighers as well as various others (EW, ASW, cargo, etc.).

Also consider what will happen if you can't go air (eyes, injuries, other medical issues). Which SA offers more options that are appealing to you?

It's easy just to say, GO NAVY, but the decision is more nuanced than that. You can be the best pilot you can be in either service -- that's up to you.
Issa eh. I live very close to you.

You need to do some research yourself on the different services and figure out what better fits you. Each has a slightly different mission and you need to know that for yourself instaed of asking questions and hoping someone will make the choice for you.