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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Spartan25, May 1, 2016.

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    I have heard that obtaining a nomination/appointment is partially a game of timing. If anyone has any advice as to when it is best to complete my nomination application or when to ask my recommendation letter writers/teachers if they will write me a letter or fill out the teacher review thing it is extremely appreciated. Also, any other information or advice about when to complete other steps in the admission process is very helpful.
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    I second this for teacher recommendations
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    You will 'hear' lots of things about applying to SA's that are basically rumor or conjecture and have nothing to do with reality. It IS important to get your NOM application submitted BEFORE the deadline to be considered. When you submit your NOM application has no impact on your 'chance' of getting a NOM. Check the MOC website and follow their instructions which may vary by state.

    Lots of older threads about teacher recommendations can be found here.
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    I would strongly suggest you get anything you can done as soon as possible, as long as you don't sacrifice quality. As far as those things which involve teachers, I can tell you that evaluations and letters of recommendation can be extremely difficult to get once school is out. Teachers become instantly unavailable once summer starts, and tend not to respond to emails. It can be very frustrating. I highly recommend you get that stuff out, and then talk to your teachers about it daily until you see on your portal that it is done.

    Some will tell you that there is no advantage to getting things in early. I will just say that if you get things done now you can check it off the long list. Most items can be improved upon and updated, so there is no harm getting it in early. So many components of the application process are out of your control. It is good to complete the stuff that you do control. No time like the present.
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    My DS is going to SLE this summer and will be applying for class of 2021. Are the candidate portals open at this point, or do they open up in June?

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