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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by 2015USMA, Oct 31, 2010.

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    I recieved my LOA from USMA back in July, and I've already had both interviews with my senators (on 10/14 & 10/27). I'm really trying to estimate a general timeline of when I might hear something back from the senators on whether I recieved a nomination or not. Does anyone have a general idea of the turn around for a notification from senators?
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    Pennsylvania's senators interviewed last week and will announce their nominees in mid January.
    Of course every state is different, so you should call their offices, and they will gladly tell you an estimate.
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    Every MOC is different. They are supposed to have their slates into the respective SAs by Jan. 31. However, this is Congress and they make the rules, so some drag into early February (yes, USNA still accepts them).

    The fact that interviews occur early or even that you hear early from your MOC does not necessarily mean that the MOC turned in his/her list of nominees early. And USNA can't do anything until it receives the official list. Timeliness is ENTIRELY up to the MOC; you and USNA can only wait.

    Candidates this year may get a bit of a break b/c those MOCs who won't be around come February may get their stuff in early (before they are out the door). However, even that's not guaranteed. They may be more interested in lining up their next jobs.:rolleyes:

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