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    I had a few questions about the different nomination types. So earlier this month I got a letter notifying me that my state senator had given me a nomination to USMA. Then today I got a letter which said that my congressman choose me as his primary nominee! Could anyone describe what the difference between just a normal nominee and a primary nominee is (if any?)

    Also what are the chances of receiving an appointment if you have an LOE, a nomination, and you are 3Qed?

    Thanks for your help! This is my first post on the forum, but I have found a lot of other really useful questions and information! :smile:
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    A MOC can nominate a slate of up to 10 people to fill the (usually) single slot they have available to the Academy. There are two types of slates"
    1. Unranked - The Academy will select the individual on the MOC's slate that is the most qualified to receive an appointment.
    2. Ranked - The MOC will order the people on his slate in his preference order. The person at the top of the slate is usually referred to as the Principal Nominee (I guess that's what your MOC meant by primary). Provided that person is fully qualified then that person will receive the appointment to the Academy. If that person is not qualified for some reason, say medically, then the next person on the list will receive the appointment provided they are qualified.

    It sounds like you are in great shape!
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    Congradulations - there is a GREAT difference between a nomination and a Principle nomination. In effect - if you have a Principle nomination you are - in effect - no longer competing with other candidates. If you are deemed 3Qd by West Point you WILL get an offer of admissions.

    If you have a regular nomination you are competing with the other nomineees. Hundreds of people who are 3Qd with regular nominations DO NOT get in West Point each year because there are others with better records competing for the limited slots.

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