Nomination YEAH!


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Mar 26, 2008
Greetings all!

I logged on to my USAFA page today and:biggrin: I have a nomination! YEAH!!!! I would love to attend USAFA but USNA was my 1st choice. Does this mean that I did not get the Rep nomination for USNA (do they ever give noms to 2 SA) .

I have my senatorial nomination in 1 week do I let them know I have rcvd the nomination to USAFA and focus more on USNA?

Thanks for any and all advice.
Did your nomination come from your congressional district?

Normally the MOC's will send out an official letter notifying you of your nomination (or lack of one) - some may even call with the good news.

It is possible for an MOC to give two nominations to a candidate - this usually depends on the competition in the district.

If USNA is your first choice then it would be appropriate to inform your senators that you are indeed seeking a nomination to USNA. Did they ask you to rank the academies on your application?

Yes it did come from my congressional district. USAFA was my #2 choice that is why I was a bit surprised. I am excited and would love to attend either but USNA was ranked #1 on my nomination packet.


First of all, congrats on getting a nom! That is a great achievement. I, for one, believe all SAs are outstanding schools and know that, if you end up at USAFA, you will have a wonderful experience.

In terms of what happened . . . Based on what you have stated there are two (related) likely possibilities. The first is that there were 10 candidates interested in USNA who were more qualified than you and thus you got your second choice. The second is that you were among the top 10 but the others weren't interested in USAFA. Because you indicated a desire to attend USAFA, the MOC could give you that nom (thus, in his/her view keeping you happy) and give others ranked lower than you who may not have indicated an interest in USAFA the USNA slots.

The requirement to rank or choose a SA up front with an MOC isn't exactly "fair," but it's quite common in most geographic areas. For those going through the process next year (or still doing interviews this year), the ranking/selection process is more complex and important than some people think.

If you would truly be happy at more than one SA (as KMJG2000 clearly will be), ranking is fine in order of your preference. However, do NOT list/rank a SA that you do not want to attend just to get a nom "somewhere" b/c that's where your nom may be. Also, don't try to "game" the system by putting one SA first (or alone) for one MOC and another first or alone with a second MOC -- again, UNLESS you would really be happy at both.

If you have a preference but are flexible about attending more than one SA, you definitely have more opportunities to pick up a nom and get at least one of your choices -- and, as stated, all SAs are great. If you are committed to one school, be sure to put all of your eggs in one basket.

congrats!! exact same thing happened to me today. i was wondering the same thing because i also applied to USMA and USNA along with USAFA, and i would be honored to go to any one of them. congrats again!! :biggrin:
It certainly is *possible* for your congressman to give you a nomination to more than one academy. You should get a letter or phone call from him telling you that you did or didn't get a nomination to USNA and that you got a nomination to USAFA.
If you are confused, just call the congressman's office and speak with the nominations manager.
Certainly if USNA is your first choice, make that known to your senators during the interview. Your senators may know already if you congressman communicates with them. It is good on your part to be proactive and make your wishes known.
Good Luck!
Congrats guys! Same exact thing happened to me too!!!

bigcox, was your's from Senator Hagel also?
Congrats to you as well bigcox and packermatt7.

I am wondering if USAFA updated the site info quicker and USNA seems crazy that I could possible get 2 nominations but what USNA1985 says makes sense. I will just have to wait and see.

packermatt7 which SA did you recieve your nomination?
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USAFA. My apps aren't even finished for USNA and USMA. Probably wasn't going to finish them anyway.

By the way bigcox, as soon as I read your post, my pulse went up to about 150 bpm. Checked it and there it was!
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I just got the letter from my congressman's office and I rcvd a nomination for USAFA and USNA! I knew about USAFA from the website but USNA did not show anything yet.....

What a great Saturday!:thumb:
Packermatt & Bigcox:

That is so awesome! I am so envious of you. I haven't heard anything yet from my MOCs and I still have the third one coming up. I'm hoping something good happens for me too!

yeah i got mine from Senator Hagel's. i didn't think i would cuz i sucked at the interview. it was pretty surprising! finally some good news on my end for once. i wonder if i got anything for USNA or USMA...they don't update candidate files online as quickly as USAFA does...


don't worry, dog. i know this process is very agonizing. stick to your guns with the SA's, i'm sure you'll hear something back from congressman. have you had any interviews yet? as far as the academies go, keep sending awards (athletic and academic) or any other interesting pieces of information that have come up that maybe they don't know about. like for instance, send copies of athletic lettering certificates you've gotten in the past few weeks, etc. keep your chin up. i'll be rooting for you! :thumb:

Thanks for the boost of confidence, man. I did letter in football again this year but we don't get our awards until the end of the year. I might have to speak to my h.s. guidance counselor to see if he can forward a letter to USAFA informing them of my accomplishments so far this school year. They also don't know that I'm a class officer again this year. I know USAFA wants a copy of my transcript at semester but do you think I should forward my 1st quarter grades as well? I think they were pretty awesome. I'll do whatever I can to get their attention. Heck, I'll even try doing a backflip through a hula hoop if it'll get me noticed! (The landing won't be pretty though :redface:)

But seriously, impressing USAFA won't get me anywhere if I can't get a nomination. Yes, I've had two of my interviews - one with Fortenberry and one with Hagel. Haven't gotten the interview letter from Nelson yet. I don't think Fortenberry has made up his mind yet so I'm not giving up on that possibility yet.

Did you have an LOA, bigcox? If not, then you still have to wait awhile before you know if you get an appointment, don't you? I'm glad at least 2 guys from Nebraska are at least in the running for an appointment. Congrats again.


i never did get an LOA from either USAFA, USNA, or USMA. i had the two interviews just like you and i am still yet to hear from Senator Nelson. i looked at his website and it said that you won't hear anything from him about interviews until mid-late November, so keep an eye out in your mailbox. as far as Representative Fortenberry goes, because he got re-elected, he still has until late December or January to send his nominations in, so don't be discouraged yet. the only reason why i heard back from Senator Hagel so quickly, is because he's retiring and he has to do some loose ends to meet the deadline (cleaning out his office, etc.).

you could send your 1st quarter grades in, but i think 1st semester grades would be more important. either way, you are still selling yourself to them. yeah, it'd be a good idea to send that football letter (a copy of it) off to the academy and the class officer thingie as soon as you get it. i hear that they review your file each time you send something, so keep updating them for the best chances. good luck, dog. keep us updated. :biggrin:
Good luck to you. I'm fairly positive that Fortenberry's office has not decided yet. The woman that was greeting us said we would find out in about 2 weeks, but that obviously did not happen. She also said that about 27 were applying for the district, so keep up hope. If the the MOC talk to each other, than that takes away at least 2 from his district (Me and bigcox). I haven't gotten anything from Senator Nelson yet, either. For clarification, I did recieve a LOA, and a nomination from Senator Hagel. Also, may I ask what city/county you live in? I find it interesting that both bigcox and I are from small towns.

Did you actually hear from Senator Hagel yet, or is it still only showing on the Academy Admissions page?

Random side note: Isn't it weird that we are one of the smallest states, yet have 3 people on this board, all in the same district?
apparently, they're supposed to call you or send you a letter stating that you received a nomination from them. i haven't gotten either, but i logged on to my file with USAFA, and it says that i received a nom. from Senator Hagel. before, my nomination status said "none" and now it says "received". yeah, it is pretty weird how we're all tied like that in the same district. at least if we all go to the same SA, we at least know someone there too.
...but i logged on to my file with USAFA, and it says that i received a nom. from Senator Hagel. before, my nomination status said "none" and now it says "received"..

Eventually, they (USAFA) will send you a postcard notifying you of your nomination.

It usually shows up about a month after your "on-line" status changes. :wink:
Just recieved my nomination letter today. Would've been much more exciting if I hadn't already known...:rolleyes:

bigcox and jmac, just got my info from Ben Nelson today. My interview is on December 16. Seeing as I already have a nom and LOA, I don't think I will be quite so nervous this time.
true dat...i got my letter in the mail yesterday too. i also got Senator Nelson's. i am set for the 11th of December in the morning. this one will be a lot easier having gone through two already! :biggrin: