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    Right now I'm in the midst of entering my 2nd semester as a high school junior.

    Would now be the time to start calling/paying a visit to my congressional representatives in terms of getting a jump start to applying for a nomination?

    Only problem is I am not happy with my current SAT scores, and am in the process of getting a date to retake them. In the mach applications I have been filling all my info onto (so that it's a matter of just reissuing the information, instead of thinking for hours upon it!) there was indeed a space for SAT scores.
    Should I wait until I retake to apply for nomination?
    I know it's a very competitive basis and I would not want to be counted out because I waited a while (retaking in March, scores probably by the following month) and I also, based on the rolling admission, want my application completed ASAP. But I would rather my new scores be on the application to give me more of an edge.
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    Wow, it sure is weird to think about, but just a year ago, I was just getting ready to apply, and now I have two appointments :shake: ! Your question just pointed that fact out to me, lol. To answer your question, if your congressmen are like mine, they will begin accepting applications for class of 2015 in several months. For now, I don't think you should call them unless you have some specific questions. You should focus on getting letters of recommendation that you will need for your applications, and begin writing the essays for the applications, assuming that you can figure out which ones will be necessary. Just my opinion. Good luck to all who are applying to the academies for class of 2015!
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    Which one are you accepting?

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