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Nov 17, 2008
Good news! I just got a nomination from Senator Salazar (CO)!

Unfortunately, I still haven't put all the pieces together yet. I have LOA's at USAFA and USMA, I have medical waivers (I was previously dq'd) from USAFA and USNA, and I only have this one nomination for USNA.

this is crap.

That is great news about the Nomination. USNA LOAs are very hard to come by...your nomination will put you in the right position for the Goal-The Appointment. is Navy your first choice? Good Luck nonetheless!!
it's currently my #2, but very close behind Air Force. I've got until like March to get a final verdict, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Final replies do not need to be made at USNA until May 1st or 15 days after receipt of appointment if it comes later than May 1st which some do.

Not saying this is necessarily "right" but as long as you have not been turned down by USNA you can accept other offers and then turn it back once USNA comes through. No different than civilian schools and their wait lists. I know of an USNA Mid who accepted USMA and then about a 3 weeks before I day got his medical waiver, Appointment to USNA and then called USMA to let his spot go. They indicated USMA was very gracious and certainly understood that USNA was his first choice. USMA was still be able to fill that new spot from thier wait list. Everyone wins.
Hey hey calm down, your can do this:

for USNA: you have a waiver and a nom... if you're 3Q'd, then you could get an appointment :thumbsup: Good luck!!
(Remember, they gave you a waiver for something that actually disqualified you... I see that as a victory)

And for AFA you have a waiver and a LOA -- this means they want you!! You'll get your nom, just be patient :biggrin: - this is good, at least you're 'in' an SA :smile:
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Katie read it again....
Medical Waiver = USAFA, USNA
Nomination = USNA

gdesena - are you waiting to hear on other nominations?
have you heard anything from USMA on your medical waiver?

Thanks, that will make things much easier for me. If I get appointments to USNA and USAFA, I have no idea which one I would pick right now.

Just A Mom,

I'm still waiting to hear from my Representative, and I should know by the end of next week.
I actually haven't heard anything from USMA since the LOA. This one really surprised me because USMA was my third choice, I hadn't pursued it very hard, and my application wasn't even complete when I got the LOA.