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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by rupewvu, Nov 29, 2012.

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    I see that Senator Webb and Senator Warner sent out their letters before Thanksgiving.

    It is interesting that the letters were postmarked by the same post office. It sure gives credence that they talk before giving out their nominations to prevent duplicate nominations in a highly competitive state. :wink:

    My DS received one from Senator Webb for the USAFA and the “not nominated” letter from Senator Warner. I still find it strange that Senator Webb doesn’t have a committee/board to do interviews like Senator Warner.

    Has anyone else received their nomination letters? Has anyone received a nomination/letter from their Congressman yet?
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    Some MOCs (especially Senators, for some reason) go "off the paper" and don't do interviews. I believe the former Sen. Warner (John) did it that way as well.

    Sen. Webb may be getting things in early b/c he is leaving office.

    I'm not aware of any MOCs in NoVa who have submitted their slates. They do have until Jan. 31.

    Finally, I wouldn't assume that just b/c the letters came from the same post office that the Senators get together on their decisions -- or that they coordinate with the Reps.

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