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    My son was told he was awarded the presidential and sdvet nomination. However sdvet is the only nomination being reported in his portal. If I recall, the regions rep stated that sdvet is more valuable however we are all told to compete for as many noms as possible.

    What's the deal then? My son has been diligent about keeping his application solid so I'd hate for something like this to hurt him when two sets of instructions contradict each other.
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    Your son automatically received a Presidential nom for your service. Thing is, so will 100's more. He has the nom, but only 100 will get a the Pres. nom slot. The rest will go on the NWL.

    BUT- he also has a SDVET nom and the slots for that are rarely filled. There are 65 total slots for that nom. IOW - there can be 65 at WP with that nom slot. Total - not per year.

    Anyone who knows about nominations that will tell you to apply for all noms that you are qualified for. In your son's case, 6! :thumb:

    JMPO - he will get a SDVET slot unless there are a boatload of kids who qualify for that this year.

    As far as the Pres nom not showing up on your portal, that is a question for your RC. If your son filled out the paperwork for the Pres nom and it meets the requirements for that nom, then he has the nom. It could be that it hasn't been entered on his portal yet. But I would definitely follow up on that with your RC.

    Thank you for YOUR service. :thumb:
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    When my son applied two years ago, he faced a similar situation WRT his Presidential nom. He received confirmation of it in July, but by Nov 1st, the portal still didn't reflect the nom. My son inquired and within 24 hours he was receiving inquiries regarding his application. Apparently, the paperwork had been submitted properly, but not processed correctly. When WP realized that his application was actually complete, he had an appointment offer within three weeks.

    Mistakes may be rare, but they can happen. If a reasonable period of time has passed, definitely inquire about any missing noms.

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