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    I live in MD, one of the most competitive states for a nomination for USNA. I was wondering if I can only apply for a nomination from this state, or If I can apply to other state senators.

    If I can, would I have to own property in the other state?

    The reason I ask is because, my parent is a joint owner of a house with another family member in TN.

    Thanks for the help!
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    In theory yes. I believe the basic rule is you can only apply to two Senators and one Congressman. We see military dependents living in one state applying to nomination to their parents home of record. Many military members claim TN, TX, FL, AK, and etc as there home state although they are not living there. At the same time, Congressional offices make their own rules so they can simply tell you that you don't meet the requirement so they are not going to consider your application.

    Another challenge that you will face is how are you going to answer the question of you live in MD but applying to nomination in TN?
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    I agree with Member.

    To add onto this issue, my guess is that the home in TN since it is owned with another family is a vacation property, which from a Realtor perspective does not constitute residency. It is an investment.

    The key typically to be considered residency is a couple of things:
    1. Driver's license
    2. Voter registration
    3. Banking
    4. State taxes filed. If they are filing MD taxes as residents, than they are MD residents. If they are filing TN taxes as a resident, than they are a TN resident.
    ~~~ I.E. We own a home in NC that we rent out, we do not pay NC taxes, because we live in VA (own a home) and pay VA taxes. The property is considered investment. We do not have NC licenses, and nor do we vote in NC. Our children are VA residents in the eyes of both NC and VA.
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    I had a similar concern a few months back. I'm applying from an active duty military family and live in Maryland as well, but am applying from TX-19. I talked to an admissions officer at NASS, and he said you apply from whatever state your parents pay taxes in. So if your parents are paying TN taxes I would assume you can apply from there.
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    You should check with your nominating source first. When DD was applying from MD last year, she was required to fill out and turn in an "affidavit of residence" as part of the nomination application packet. The affidavit directly addressed the domocile of the applicant's parent(s) or legal guardian and also the domocile of the applicant. The operative word here is domocile -- in other words, your permanent residence, not locations where you or your family may own property. Now, not all nominating sources may require this affidavit, so you may be clear. But in the case of the Maryland nominating sources, all required it.

    I hope this helps.
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    Paying taxes would refer to what state you are paying income tax in, not property tax. Income tax is paid in the state you declare domicile in. Some people that own property in TN claim domicile in TN because there is no state income tax. I'd be careful with this one. You don't want to get DQ'd for fudging your application. JMPO

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