Aug 14, 2015
Hi everyone. I recently submitted my pre-candidate questionnaire. I've read conflicting instructions on whether to apply for nominations before you know if you're a candidate or not. I was wondering if anyone could help clear this up.

Thank you for your time.
Tagging along to this question:
If you applied for a SA summer program ( meaning you completed a pre candidate questionnaire) does that make you a candidate? if so, can you begin applying for SA nominations? If not, what is my next step?
Thank you.
Go to the website of each senator and congressman that you are eligible to apply for a nomination. Each will have specific requirements and deadlines to apply. Most are in the late Fall. Doing the application has nothing to do with your candidate status at the time you apply.

Even if your congress members opened their application processes this early, chances are you will know if you will be a candidate before you get very far with the nomination applications. We couldn't really get going on our nomination applications until we had final grades in for DS's junior year, which is not until around June.