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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by acho97, Nov 30, 2015.

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    I'm feeling really discouraged at the fact that I probably won't get an AFROTC scholarship because I am pursuing a medical major. Does anybody know if it is any better than... let's say.. a history major or an English major? Also, if anyone knew the percentage of medical major scholarships are given, that would be helpful as well.

    Thank you
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    Here are the list of technical majors. Anything else are considered non-technical. Technical majors have a higher chance at getting a scholarship but choosing a different non-tech over a current non-tech will make no difference. Besides, your scholarship shouldn't solely be based on majors. I know a bunch of cadets who won the scholarship as an engineer but realized it was too difficult or something they did not want to do. Although being technical may help, if you are a strong applicant, you shouldn't worry much.

    (I don't know too much about MEDICAL majors but I'm pretty sure they're considered non-technical unless you go for like chemistry or whatnot, I'll let someone correct me.)
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    If you don't get picked up, which is 50/50 just depends on if they need more medical personnel, look at other options like AFHPSP. There are things out there to help out strictly medical cadets.
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    Define "medical major."

    I know there are "pre" majors (pre-pharm, pre-vet, etc). Basically they're biology majors with specific classes geared towards graduate school admissions. HPSP won't come into play for a VERY long time (maybe a year prior to graduation at the earliest).
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    Off topic, but on topic. Do you need this scholarship to attend your dream college?

    AFROTC scholarships are truly a 2 + 2 scholarship. If not selected as a sophomore for Summer Field Training (SFT), chances are they will dis-enroll you. Thus, you will need to find that money somewhere else to attend your last 2 years of college.
    ~ SFT board does not consider during selection if you are on scholarship or not. It has no edge, but being tech does have an edge.

    As far as scholarships go it is tech or non-tech. My DS got a type 2 scholarship as a non-tech (Govt), so it does happen, but overall only @20% will get a scholarship as a non-tech major and the majority will get a type 7.
    ~~ Type 1 offers are @ 2 or 3 nationally. Type 2 is @45. The bulk or @ 135 are type 7.
    ~~~ Caveat using historical data of 900 offered scholarships.

    I am with Mabry. HPSP won't be a factor for years to come, what should be your immediate concern is affording that college, and getting selected for SFT.

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