Norwich ROTC


Apr 4, 2017
Hello, I'm currently a high school junior looking to get an Army ROTC scholarship for either The Citadel or Norwich. ROTC isn't something I want to do for the money, I want to make the army my career and this is what I believe is the best way to go about it. Plus, my parents want me to get a college education instead of just enlisting. Currently I have a 3.4 GPA. I've been taking mostly honors classes since freshman year, a few Pre-AP classes, and I'm taking two AP classes my senior year. I have 8 varsity letters and was just named as a soccer captain for the fall season at my school, I was also named as a track captain for both outdoor and indoor seasons. I made the second team all stars for shot put during my indoor track season. I did two years of Krav Maga. I have 56 hours of community service and I work all summer long at this camp. The work at the camp is extremely physical and there are no days off for 10 weeks. I'm a link leader, which is an upperclassmen who introduces and leads incoming freshmen into the school year. I was also picked as a member of game change, this program that focuses on spreading awareness for anti-violence. Only 30 kids out of the entire school were picked, including myself. I Got an 1100 on the SAT's out of 1600. What do my admissions chances look like for both schools and getting an ROTC scholarship?
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What branch of ROTC are you interested in? (Army, Navy, AF etc).
I think your EC's are good and you are competitive in GPA, but you could benefit from a higher SAT. Keep taking it as the AROTC super-scores.

Regarding colleges, I would ask that you consider University of North Georgia or Texas A & M as additional SMC possibilities. They are both Senior Military Colleges, but they also offer programs that can allow in-state tuition rates if you are in the Corps of Cadets.

I am concerned that if you DON'T receive an AROTC scholarship that you might not be able to afford the full four years of college. Norwich is expensive because it is private, and Citadel is public but is expensive out of state, and offers no concessions for out of state cadets. At UNG or TAMU, you would have affordable tuition, AND military Corps of Cadets, so you could afford to commission even if you were to not receive a scholarship.
You look good on paper, except for the SATs, which are mediocre.

Why not improve your scores and your chances by studying and taking practice tests over the summer?
TAMU offers instate tuition for cadets who receive a certain amount of scholarship money - I believe you have to receive $4000 to be eligible. Instate tuition isn't guaranteed with joining the corps at TAMU.
Does anybody know if TAMU offers instate tuition for out of staters if you come there with an AFROTC scholarship in hand? I am seeing conflicting information about this.