Not Approved?


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Mar 25, 2007
On the DODMERB status page is the category "Date of Applicant Not Approved." What exactly does it mean? Mine has said (Call DODMERB) for a while, and I thought I would try to check it out before calling. My pending date was 3/16/07, but status has not changed and I wonder if this has something to do with it.

I'm not sure I understand what you are seeing on the DoDMERB web site. Is there a date next to the "Date of Applicant not Approved"? Also is there a remedial number (RXXX.XX) to the left of the "Call DoDMERB"?

Please feel free to PM me if you'd rather not put this out in the open.
Thank you for the response. My page does not say anything about remedials. I don't think it will, though, except perhaps vision. Here is my status page copied. Also, my medical forms were received 3/1 and case was closed 3/5.

Current Status: Closed
Date of Medical Authorization
Submitted to DODMERB: 1/5/2007
Date of Medical Authorization
Approved by DODMERB: 1/5/2007
Date of Applicant Not Approved: (Call DODMERB)
Applicant's Pending Date: (Last Exam
Date + 10 Days): 3/16/2007
Ah!!! You are looking at the web site. Thats the web site run by the DoDMERB physical exam contractor. What that web site says is that your physical examination has been sent to DoDMERB. You can check your medical status on the DoDMERB web site at Click on the applicant link and you will then be able to set up an account to view your medical status at DoDMERB.

Most likely DoDMERB has received your physical exam, and there may actually be a status right now.

If you have any other questions please feel free to let me know.
Ah! Thank you for your help. I feel really stupid, but I would have never figured that out.
Don't feel stupid, you didn't know. Its probably one of the biggest questions DoDMERB gets from applicants.