Not sure what this mean?


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Aug 31, 2006
Current Medical Status: Pending Waiver Submission/Review

R121.06 - Consult - ear wax removal
R250.10 - Pending waiver review by USNA
D226.00 - Orthopedic injury occurring in the preceding 6 weeks

the last one was because of a stress fracture I had this summer, but I don't know what all this means. any help would be appreciated!

In the past 6 weeks (or at least 6 weeks from the time of your physical exam) you had an orthopedic injury. As you state you had a stress fracture, so you have been found disqualified due to that fracture. Once you have been released to full activities by your physician (that means released to play sports and not just for physical therapy), you can submit all the medical records from your injury as well as your physicians release to DoDMERB, and as long as its been greater than 6 weeks, DoDMERB will be able to remove the disqualification.

The R250.10 code means that your medical file has been passed to the USNA wavier authority for waiver consideration.

The R121.06 code means that the physician who examined you for your physical was unable to visualize your ear drums, most likely due to a build up of ear wax. You can go to your family physician and have him/her clean your ear canal and do an examination of your ear drums and submit that to DoDMERB at the same time as you submit the records concerning your fracture.

When you submit the records I would add a letter from yourself requesting a rebuttal of the disqualification. In the letter I would add in what activities you currently participate since the stress fracture and if you are having any problems.

Hope this helps!