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    At what point should a ROTC cadet inform their leadership of their intent to apply to a SA? This would be another nomination source, so he would like to utilize it...but doesn't want to appear to be "that kid who is just here while he reapplies to SA." Thoughts?
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    Have No Worries....


    When my son visited his NROTC unit back in early April. He let the two LT's know that he was very happy to be with them; however, he was re-applying to the Academy. He was honest and upfront and wanted them to understand his intent right away.

    The response was very welcomed and supported, they even told him that the CO could (as you already know) give him a nomination. They went on to say that they were Naval Officers for the US Navy and not there to advocate for the university. They were there to help Mid's reach their goals of becoming Naval Officers. If it was helping them get to the Academy then that's what they were going to do.

    I will add that one LT was former OCS & the other was former NROTC. They respected my DS for being honest and were happy that he told them.

    The unit also had a Mid this year that re-applied and was accepted. The only problem was the Mid made many friends and loved the unit so they were not sure if they would take the appointment. Right now I do not know if the Mid stayed or not but I will find out on August 13th and let you know.

    Hope this helps...
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    A long time ago I applied to West Point from a college and also received ROTC nomination. I can't remember when I told them of my intention to reapply but I am pretty sure it was late fall. My cadre was very supportive. I believe most ROTC cadre will be very supportive to SA application. A ROTC PMS told his cadet that he will convince the cadet that the ROTC program is much better and she will end up staying. She reapply and went to West Point.

    Too many consideration, but I believe early late October/early November will the right time to inform the ROTC cadre about one's desire to reapply to SA

    First, should give some time to determine if the college and ROTC are meeting your need (i.e. like the college life, ROTC instruction is good or bad, etc). As ultimately, the goal should becoming an Army officer, not which school to graduate from.

    Second, have to prove yourself in the ROTC program - by participating in optional activities and/or volunteering/taking on available challenging assignments.

    Lastly, I believe SAs won't fully consider college applicants without their first semester transcript, so getting a ROTC nomination won't really change anything. ROTC nomination is not limited so the PMS can't say I used up my allocation.

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