My understanding from when my son went through the ROTC scholarship process ( he applied for Army ROTC) that the portal would change to winner ( and specify 3 or 4 year) if you received a scholarship and would remain as boarded if you were not selected by that board. By now all the boards would have met, if I recall the timing from 2015. My son received a scholarship from the third board, his portal changed while we were on vacation for Spring Break so it would have been around Easter time in 2015 that the Army 3rd board results posted.

Not sure if this helps or not.
This late, all scholarship recipients should have been notified.

Unfortunately, those that didn't receive scholarships don't always get notified or given any feedback. It happened to my son his first time through the process.
Thank you!

I am assuming he has a school he plans on attending this fall without a scholarship? If he is planning on enrolling in ROTC at that school it is a good idea for him to reach out and let them know he is coming. That will put him on their radar for any campus based scholarships in the future.
+1 @Dckc88

My son didn't get the 4 year scholarship the 1st time around. He immediately reapplied for it, enrolled in a university with a NROTC program as a college programmer -- and during the first semester earned the 4 year scholarship. He also had an extra path to scholarship available with a sideload.

The key thing is to keep pressing through the difficulties.
Just throwing out there that last year our daughters friend was offered a 3 year nursing scholarship to her last choice school two weeks bf school started. 2 WEEKS!! Sometimes you just never know! Keep hope alive!