Notifying MOC after accepting appt.


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Dec 5, 2007
Is it proper procedure to notify the nominating MOC(s) after deciding to accept the SA appointment, or will the academy cover that base ? Thank you notes were sent previously for the nominations.
greeneagle5, your nomination thank you notes to your MOCs were very thoughtful. I do not know when your academy will notify your nominating sources of your appointment but I am sure that your MOCs would greatly enjoy an appointment thank you note.

The SA appointment process may seem impersonal but I know that the MOC, his SA interview committee, and his SA staff care very much about their candidates. A thank you note to your MOC will be read and remembered with pleasure.
Although my DS's school does not do appointments at honors night, they will have a "signing" at spring athletes signing day...and we invited the MOC's reps to attend. They were very excited to be asked.
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