Now what do we do?


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Sep 1, 2006
Son got 3 remedials after medical exam.

R252.80 orthodontist retainer

R102.00 Obtain and submit a written interpretation of a current echocardiogram, include color flow Doppler for evaluation of heart murmur heard on exam.

R 220.00 Send copies of all records and treatments regarding Achilles' tendonitis.

All info was sent back and ortho was removed right away. Today on the DODMERB site this is what we saw

Agency: US Military Academy Sub Agency:
Current Medical Status: Remedial Status/Post Waiver Review

D224.60 - Disease/chronic pain: lower extremity(ies) hindering active lifestyle


Agency: US Army ROTC Sub Agency:
Current Medical Status: Remedial Status/Post Waiver Review

D224.60 - Disease/chronic pain: lower extremity(ies) hindering active lifestyle

Totally unprepared for this.. Son is an active kid, 7 Varsity letters, a coach and State ranked swimmer. WP coach has been talking to him 1x a week( for a bit now) to check on application status and general well being...

Does this mean the end to a dream???

Question- For VMI, would this rule you out? or just out of the ROTC scholarship scenario...

Apparently there was some information contained in the medical records on your son's tendonitis that led the DoDMERB physician to believe that this might be a chronic issue, and severe enough that he would have difficulties completing training.

This isn't the end of the road for your son, if he is a competitive candidate for USMA, then his package will be considered by the wavier authorities. For AROTC your son needs to request a waiver from Cadet Command (this information is located on the DoDMERB web site at:

If you feel that this disqualification was added to your son's file in error, you are more than welcome to submit a rebuttal request to DoDMERB, requesting that the physician relook at his file. If you have additional information that you feel would help the DoDMERB physician, feel free to send that in. I would have your son write a letter explaining the problems he's had with the tendonitis, the treatment he received, and what activities he currently participates in. If his physician has evaluated him since his injury I would include that as well.

If the rebuttal is unsuccessful (meaning the disqualification stands), all the information that was submitted will be forwarded to the wavier authorities. I would have your son request the waiver from Cadet Command at the same time that he requests the rebuttal from DoDMERB. This way, if the rebuttal is unsuccessful, the wavier process will have already started for AROTC.

I hope this helps, and if you need any other information, please feel free to ask.
Agency: US Military Academy Sub Agency:
Current Medical Status: Remedial Status/Post Waiver Review
D224.6 Disease/Chronic Pain: lower extremety(ies) hindering active lifestyle

Does the Current Medical Status: Remedial Status/Post Waiver Review
mean that his files have already been evaluated by USMA (& ROTC) and it is up to us to complete the Rebuttal

We have scheduled an appointment tomorrow for the Orthopaedic doctors to re -evaluate him and confirm that his condition no longer exists.

Current status

*This was an injury that occurred 2 years ago- there has been no reoccurrence
*Completed prescribed physical therapy at Patriot Sports Medicine
*He has resumed all physical activities- running, swimming, basketball, etc.. with no pain ever noted.
*He has 7 Varsity Letters (Swimming, Cross Country & Golf)
*His daily routine has not been altered
*Competitively swims both year round Club and High School swimming. State ranked swimmer already qualified for the 2007 Virginia Class AAA swimming championship meet.
*Offered an appointment to VMI, Class of 2011
*Qualified Academically & Physically for USMA
is this the correct process?

Yesterday on DODMERB site, son had this posted

Agency: US Military Academy Sub Agency:
Current Medical Status: Remedial Status/Post Waiver Review
D224.6 Disease/Chroninc Pain:lower extremitiy(ies) hindering active lifestyle

This also affects his Army ROTC eligibility
We quickly scheduled an appointment with Orthopedaedic Doctor for reevaluation. That will be later today. Our question is- What is the difference between a waiver and a rebuttal. We feel like if we sit and wait, precious time is flying by. The "hindering active lifestyle" is just so opposite of how son lives!

Posted on site now
Current Medical Status: Pending Waiver Submisssion/Review
R250.00 Pending waiver review by USMA
D224.60 Disease/Chroninc Pain:lower extremitiy(ies) hindering active lifestyle

How long do the waiver reviews take? By having the re-evaluation of his achilles' tendonitis( no longer a problem), we are prepared with info if a rebuttal is necessary.

A rebuttal is requesting that DoDMERB completely remove the disqualification. A waiver is the service stating that yes, you have a disqualification, but that they feel it won't interfere with military duty.

The rebuttal process is completed at DoDMERB and can take up to 3 weeks. The wavier process can take up to 8 weeks to complete.

So far from what you have states you are going about things correctly. The process does take time, but a disqualification does not stop the administrative admissions process, that continues regardless of your sons medical status (unless he becomes wavier denied).
things are moving!!

prayers are working!!
Everything has been submitted(letter from son, medical evaluation,xrays)

The DoDMERB site today posting today:

For the USMA: Current Medical Status-the application is under DoDMERB review.
For USArmy ROTC: Current Medical Status-the application is under DoDMERB review.D259.50 Waiver approved

At the top of the Status page, near all the items listed date wise is this... Correspondence - Multi-Service Disqualification Removal - Waived: *NONE* What does the NONE mean?

How likely is it for the USMA to approve a waiver if AROTC has?

thanks for all your help
The "None" just means that the letter was sent to DoDMERB correspondence section to be printed out. Once the letter has been printed there will be a date instead of "None".

AROTC and USMA wavier authorities are 2 separate entities, and they don't necessarily know what the other has done, or will be doing. It is possible for one to approve and the other to deny a waiver.
Here is the next question-
if the Current Medical status states(for both USMA and AROTC) :the application is under DoDMERB review, does that mean the request for a rebuttal is being worked on- or are we still looking for a waiver?

The waiver was approved for AROTC. I understood from previous postings that waivers were from the services themselves and rebuttals were from DoDMERB.

And application- referring to candidate's whole application or just the DoDMERB package? Son has received letter stating he was academically and physically qualified, USMA was waiting on medical.

Do USMA coaches have any pull on these waivers?
again, we have to thank you for your help- we have learned so much on this forum.
Hang in there and trust the RetHM. We were in a similar situation earlier this year, where a 2 yr old minor surgery to my son's knee's landed him a "Chronic knee pain DQ". Following the RetHM's advise, we wrote up a detailed letter to DODMERB pertaining to his rehab and current activities, along with letters from docs/rehab releasing him for full activities, and 2 months later we got the "waiver" we needed. Now on to an appointment!

So hang in there. And note we too attempted to "rebute" the initial "chronic" determination but once the med records show some sort of history of pain, etc. they stick by the DQ. BUT BUT BUT with good enough "current" documentation about his activities, etc. the SA's can and will waive the whole thing.

Good luck

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If DoDMERB feels that they can remove the disqualification they will, and then a wavier will no longer be needed and will be removed from AROTC.

Everything listed on the DoDMERB web site pertains to the medical portion only, so the "application" mentioned on the DoDMERB web site is for the medical package as a whole, for every program being reviewed by DoDMERB.