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    Still new to the processes of all this so bare with me. Since getting awarded my NROTC scholarship, I have been following all the directions it has asked. I even started my DoDMERB process. It said I need to accept the scholarship of course. On my portal it says, "You will be notified in writing of your selection status approximately two weeks after the information is posted on this web site. The letter includes a questionnaire which must be returned immediately. " I was notified a week ago on 1/24/14. On the portal there is a link to the Acceptance Questionnaire PDF. In the email I got from the Navy the same day it was posted on my portal, it noted that I can simply just submit the online questionnaire and when the written version comes in the mail in the coming weeks with all my other papers, disregard it because they only want one questionnaire submitted. However, I don't see how to submit the questionnaire online. So I went ahead and filled it out on the PDF version, printed it out, signed it with a pen, and mailed it to their office Pensacola. They noted that there is no way they will notify me that they received the written acceptance questionnaire via mail, but it will show on my portal that I have officially accepted the scholarship once it is processed.

    My question is this, how long do you think it takes for them to process the questionnaire and post it on the portal? I live in Northern California and I mailed it out to Pensacola, FL on 1/27/14.

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    just call 800-NAV-ROTC

    press option #3

    then press #9 and speak to Melissa

    she can tell you if it has come in or no

    ... and relax, you can always fax it if USPS is too slow

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