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    As a MIDN on scholarship, what benefits do ROTC midshipmen have access to or normally take advantage of?
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    Google "USAA ROTC cadets and midshipmen." Eligibility for some products may depend on contract status and proximity to commissioning.
    Many mids, cadets explore auto insurance, personal property/renter's insurance, credit card, banking, career starter loan, life insurance if needed later on. There are also other fine groups that have focused on the military for many years: Armed Forces Insurance, Navy Federal Credit Union, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, just off top of head. Do the leg work to compare, talk to others.
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    I am with MJ. Google is your friend.
    ~ Are you asking particulary about USAA or military bennies as a consumer? Do you have a CAC card?

    Scholarship is not a player as far as I know. What is a player in the equation is when they will commission for USAA. If you said I am a freshmen, with no CAC card, than I would say to you...nothing.
    ~ Freshmen is a walk free year.
    ~ I think the same would be true for every GMC. POC is different.

    I would also say that regarding that starter loan, which is offered to POCs, READ the fine print. If you do not serve out that commitment in the military, and you went through USAA. they have the right to jack up the rate to @19%.

    Our DS took only 10K for the starter loan. He purchased a new car at 0% through the dealership (Toyota), with discounts for being military and new college grad. In total it was the same amount, but the difference was he saved more money every month because the car was at 0% compared to the 3% (maybe it was 2.75 ) with USAA. He also took 5K of that money and invested it into an IRA. The other 5K sat in a saving account that he could grab at anytime.

    We have been USAA members since 1987. They have some great deals, but they are not the be all end all impo...except when Dec rolls around (SSA check is nice).
    ~ All of our car loans have been through the dealer. I have not paid more than 0.9% since 1998. USAA cannot match that.
    ~ Same with regards to our mtg. They were always higher than other rates we were quoted.
    ~ Credit card and insurance rates are the best deal out there.

    Once you have a military ID than a whole new world opens up regarding bennies.
    ~ AMEX will waive ...if you qualify...the cost of the platinum card.
    ~ Aeropostale will give you a military discount on your purchase
    ~ Lowe's will also discount 10%
    ~I can't remember, but I think it is Rack Room shoes, or maybe it is DSW that gives a discount.

    And the list goes on.
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    Once DS was within 24 months of commissioning he was eligible for USAA auto insurance, and it has saved us/him about $80.00 a month.
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    If you're already a USAA member, your DS or DD will likely already have a USAA #. Give them a call. They can then go independent of your # after they're 18 I believe while they're still in college and before they commission. I went independent of my father's # during college & before I commissioned. Agree with Pima - their rates aren't always competitive but they do offer decent rates on things like renters insurance if they have an apt at school or when they go active.

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